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Interlinked Resources LLC is a professional services company developing programs for federal contracting:

Large business federal subcontracting and supplier diversity programs

The growth of small busineses through direct and subcontracting opportunities with the federal government


Interlinked Resources LLC is a professional services organization staffed with talented individuals of varied backgrounds in design and development of Small Businesses and related networks.  Our staff, with over 80 years of experience has been carefully selected for their backgrounds in marketing, Government Contracts and Large Business Diversity programs.  We provide technical and marketing development solutions to the federal and private sectors.  

We assist the Large Business community with Subcontracting and Diversity Management programs, compliance to government audits, and develop alignment with Subcontracting Plan goal requirements.  We also assist our Large Business government contractors with finding and qualifying Small Businesses to meet their established subcontracting goals.  

Our company also focuses on serving very distinct business segments:  Small Business start-ups and experienced Small Businesses that need valuable assistance to enhance their business’ ability to achieve organizational objectives. 

In addition, Interlinked Resources, LLC continues to develop new divisions of services and products to meet the technological needs of small business.  By responding to the world’s ever changing economic trends and leveraging the company’s increasing experience, our company is able to provide solutions that exceed client expectations


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