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About Us

Ever wonder what makes your company different or what makes you more competitive from other firms?  We constantly ask what we can do to impress folks to want to use our company services time and time again.  We think an important key is our experience in dealing with Small Business issues, particularly in  Government Contracting along with working closely with Large Business Prime Contractors to bring qualified Small Businesses to them.  

We begin by understanding our clients—their unique abilities, their specific needs, and their opportunities for improvement.   In dealing with hundreds of businesses and government procuring agencies over the years, we are in the know and we now want to pass this knowledge on to you. 

We are called Interlinked Resources for a reason—we match our clients to the right expertise and contacts necessary for achieving company goals.  This purpose has turned into a cute saying in our company, “We know someone.”  This truly captures what we do and what we can bring to the table. 

Not only are we helping Small Business achieve their objectives, we focus on achievement with integrity and dedication.  We also focus on helping Small Businesses build “Green” technology and implement “Green” solutions.  We spend much of our life in the work-place and our hope is to make it an exciting and better place to be.

Finally, my personal goal is to bring more business home. We want to bring our goods and services back to America in order to make this great nation as powerful and successful as it was in the past and secure a future for our grandchildren.    Let’s do it together.

It would be our privilege to partner with you and support your business!
Terry L. Budge


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