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Mr. Terry L. Budge, President of Interlinked Resources LLC,  recently retired from the U.S. Small Business Administration after a 34 year career with the Federal Government.  He started with SBA in 1985 consulting with hundreds of small businesses and advocating for the small business community. While at SBA, he served as an Industrial Specialist in the Certificate of Competency program, evaluating Small Business firms for Federal contracts with Federal Agencies covering a five-state area.  This resulted in several hundred million plus in contract awards to small businesses.   He served as a Commercial Marketing Representative (CMR), auditing large prime government contractor’s diversity management programs in accordance with their Sub-Contracting plan requirements.  In addition, he also assisted numerous small businesses in all phases of operation and became an advocate to the community of business.  He also performed duties as a Procurement Center Representative (PCR) within various Federal procuring activities.

Prior to coming to SBA, Mr. Budge was employed at the Department of Defense, U.S. Naval Inventory Control Point Philadelphia in the Technical and Engineering departments.  He performed and participated in Item Selection Conferences, designed and implemented maintenance plans, and worked extensively in systems development within the ground support equipment division which involved various phases of Naval Aviation.

Mr. Budge is a 23 year retired Service Disabled Veteran of the U.S Air Force Active and Reserves forces. He retired in 1995 after serving in the Vietnam, Panama, and Desert Storm conflicts. He received several accommodations for his service to our country.

Mr. Budge studied Economics and Business Administration while in college and has completed numerous programs and courses related to his field during his careers with the military and federal government.

Mr. Raymond Pope, Vice President of Marketing and Finance of Interlinked Resources LLC. is an innovative business professional with more than 40 years of business experience.

As manager at Sperry Univac Corporation, Blue Bell, PA he was instrumental in establishing the first commercial direct deposit payroll in 1982.  Based on his high level of success managing the credit and collection department in Unisys corporation, he formed a credit and collection consulting company, Rayelle, Inc., Blue Bell, PA.  In utilizing and teaching his unique and innovative collection methods, he was able to decrease the client's DSO an average on 25%.  He retired as controller in 2009 from Schramm Inc. West Chester, PA, an engineering/manufacturing company.

Mr. Pope is a graduate of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois with a degree in Accounting with a minor in Finance.

He is a Viet Nam veteran.




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