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“Utilized on an as needed basis for a cost effective process”



The United States Federal Government is the world's largest purchaser of goods and services, spending over $536 Billion during FY 2011.  Legislation such as the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act and the Small Business Act help to create equal opportunities for small businesses to participate in federal procurement.  The federal Government is required to set aside at least 23% of all contracting dollars exclusively for small businesses.

The Federal Government buys products and services in nearly every industry imaginable.  Contracting officers buy everything from janitorial and construction work to guns and staplers.  Since the federal Government does not produce anything itself, agencies must purchase what they need from private businesses.

Government contracting can be a great source of revenue and growth for any business.  However, deep budget cuts and increased public scrutiny have placed additional pressure on purchasing officers to spend taxpayers' money wisely.  It is absolutely vital that companies looking to break into the federal market take advantage of all the tools available to them in order to effectively market their capabilities to purchasing officers.


                                        Utilized on an as needed basis for a cost effective process                                             

Network Small Business firms into Government Contracting opportunities, demonstrating how this is accomplished, along with identifying contracts and contract development through marketing research.  We are contract experts helping small businesses in dealing with Federal large government contractors and directly with Federal procurement agencies.

1.  Leading Small Business to Prime Contractors along with qualification processes in dealing with Large Business

2.  Implementation of Government Contracting programs into Small Businesses along with identifying Contracting Opportunities and bid processes.

3.  Network Small Business to Small Business and qualification processes.

4.  Assist Small Business start-up in business development processes

 5. Defense Contracts Management Agency (DCMA), Department of Defense (DOD), and General Services Administration (GSA) Pre-Award Survey Preparation and Implementation

6.  Defense Contracts Audit Agency (DCAA) Audit Preparation and Guidance

 7. Small Business Administration (SBA) Certificate of Competency Preparation and Implementation

 8. Contract Document Strategy, Development and Presentation,

 9. Contract Administration Procedure and Guidance, Post Award Development

 10.Government Agency Protest Procedures, Government Accounting Office (GAO) Protests and Implementation

 11.Small Business Administration (SBA) Size Protests, Education, and Implementation along with North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Designation

 12.Finance Development for Small Business

 13.Joint Ventures/Teaming Arrangements and Development

 14.System of Awards Management (SAM) Guidance and Processes

 15.Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) Development and Firm Implementation

 16.General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules, development, education and implementation

 17.Website Development and marketing strategies

 18.Mentor Protégé Programs—various kinds and development

 19.Bonding Development, Referral and Guidance

 20.Simplified Acquisition, Small Purchase Development with Federal Contracts

 21.Quality Control program design for Small Business

 22.Aid in collecting past due receivables from large government contractors and government agencies

 23.Event Planning



1.  Diversity Small Business Group development

2.  Disadvantaged Business

3.  Small Business

4.  Small Disadvantaged Business

5.  Women Owned Business (WOB)

6.  Veteran Business

7.  Service Disabled Veteran Business

8.  Native American Business

9.  Native Indian Tribe Business

10. HUB Zone Business

11. NAICS Codes Development

12. Key Word Development









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